PNP Sensa Series

Color Way Sensa™ (PNP) Series is the solution for the market requirements for non-phthalate inks. Color Way Sensa™ inks have been specifically formulated to print and cure just like standard plastisols. Sensa inks that aren’t opaque may also be used to print conventional cold-peel transfers. Recommended substrates for Sensa inks are 100% cotton, and cotton blends.

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Printing Parameters

Bleed ResistanceExcellent
Stencil TypeMost direct emulsion stencils are suitable.
Mesh43-90 T (110-230 t/in)
MeshPNP-S10 Viscosity Reducer / Up to 5% by weight
Matting AgentPNP-M10 Matting Agent / Up to 15% by weight
SoftenerPNP-H10 ColorFlex / 5-15% by weight
CatalystPNP-K10 Catalyst / Up to 1% by weight may be added to improve the adhesion
of the ink to the fabric. The catalyzed ink has a shelf life of 6 hours.
Curing Information150-170°C (302-338°F) / 90-120 seconds
However, factors such as ink film thickness, curing equipment and fabric may influence
the optimum cure time.
Storage18-32°C (64-90°F). Avoid direct sun.
CleanupMineral spirits and some other non-hazardous screen washes.