PLC Colorants

Color Way Plastisol Renklendiriciler™ (PLC) series is a specially formulated product line which works like pigments for plastisols. Since PLC colors are not ready-to-print inks, they cannot be printed directly.

PLC Plastisol Colorants™ is a phthalate-free system. While this line can be used to achieve more saturated and brighter colors, it can also be used as a coloring system for all whites and bases, including special effect bases, thanks to its nature of being transparent. PLC colors may also be used to lighten or darken the shades of plastisol colors.

Color Making
When PNP-125 Extender Bases is used as the base and PLC-C10 White as the white, with the mixtures of PLC colors, any respective plastisol color can be achieved. The resulting colors will not be opaque colors, thus on dark grounds a white underbase with PNP-115 or PNP-121.

Product List

Printing Parameters