Discharge System

The Color Way EcoCharge and Discharge Systems are water based systems and when printed on dischargeable garments, produce a very soft print with bright colors. These systems are very easy to work with on the screen and the pastes do not gel during the production.

The discharge process removes the dye from the garment, leaving it with its natural raw color. If any water based pigments are mixed to the Discharge system, then the garments color will be replaced with the color of that pigment.

* Note that the coloring pigments should be suitable for discharge.

EcoCharge System Discharge System
HPW-200 EcoCharge White
HPW-205 EcoCharge Base
HPW-208 EcoCharge Activator
HPW-220 Discharge White
HPW-225 Discharge Base
HPW-228 Discharge Activator

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Printing Parameters

Printing Instructions

HPW-200/220 and HPW-205/225 are ready-to-print discharge inks, the HPW-200 and HPW-205 being ecological. After being colored by adding 3-5% water based pigments, 5-6 % HPW-208/228 should be mixed into the system. (* It is very important to first mix the discharge base/white with the pigment and only then add the discharge activator.) This final mixture should be very well stirred. Wait for approximately 5-10 minutes before starting any print runs, in order to allow the activator to be completely melted and penetrated into the colored discharge paste.

Once the discharge activator is added, the final mixture will have an effective pot life of 24 hours. Since the final mixture will lose its properties after the mentioned 24 hours time, it is important to only mix needed amounts.

Please note that changes in the dryers actual temperature may have an effect in the resulting color.